Bringing A Loved One Home

With the coronavirus impacting senior living communities, many families are considering whether they should bring their family members home.

Taking Away the Keys

Knowing when to stop driving can be one of the most challenging aspects of aging. Sometimes a creative solutions works!

The Importance of a Diagnosis

When an older adult begins to show signs of confusion and memory loss, many leap to assume its dementia. We helped find the real diagnosis.

Hospital Delirium

Spending time in a hospital is challenging for anyone, but it is especially hazardous for older adults. We help reduce the impact.

Uncovering the Truth Behind "Paranoia"

When someone with dementia says something hard to believe, its tempting to ignore. Become a detective to find to find the underlying truth.

Making Mealtimes Fun

Joe was always the life of the party. But when he showed up at church in the middle of the night, confused, his family asked for our help.

Struggling with Bathing

John asked for our help with his wife Lola, who lived with Alzheimer's disease, when bath time became a struggle.