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Care management and support




We never forget that everyone has  unique emotions and values. We support you in making important decisions about your life, calmly and effectively.

We let you know what your options are so that you are in charge. We assess each individual situation to identify resources that will create and maintain an engaging and comfortable living environment.

You can think of us as your "professional adult children". That means if your roof needs to be repaired, we'll schedule someone to do it; if you need a drive to the doctor, we'll take you. When you need someone to be your advocate with your family or medical specialists, we'll speak up on your behalf.  If you want to move, we'll find out what your priorities and budget are and help you do it.

If you are a family member who can't be there all the time, we're honored to be entrusted with your loved one's care. This gives you the time to maintain your family relationship while we do the daily care management. 

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Care Coordination

Our care managers coordinate and oversee you or your loved one's health care services to be sure your needs are met.

We help you manage complex medical situations.  We collaborate, advocate and communicate with the medical team to coordinate care and manage medications.

During a hospitalization we act as your advocate to ensure continuity of care and a safe transition home.

Navigating in Woods


Using Google to find the right service can be overwhelming. Who can you trust and how do you know if it is within your budget?

We can help you:

  • create a plan to safely stay in your home

  • arrange for home care

  •  return home from a hospital stay or a good rehab facility

  • find trustworthy medical, legal and financial specialists

  • know how to use your Medicare, Long Term Care and VA benefits to cover your expenses

Together, we'll figure out what you need and we'll help you get it.