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"When you need it" services


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Peace of mind: help when you need it

If you were unwell and not able to communicate your preferences to others, who would you want to speak for you? What would you want them to say?

Maybe you are a "solo senior" and don't have someone close by to respond to an emergency if one arises. Maybe your loved one lives at a distance and you want an advocate until they can arrive.

Right now you may be too young or healthy to need ongoing care management, but would like to have someone available as needed, who knows your medical history and personal priorities.

Before an crisis happens we will get to you know and your personal values and goals. We'll discuss your wants and desires, your values and priorities. We'll also review any documents you currently have. Using our exclusive checklist, we'll guide you through the documents you need to establish a tailored Life Care Plan.

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When you need it: care coordination

If a health crisis happens we will:

  • Immediately respond to emergency health situations and relay relevant medical and legal documents such as Power of Attorney, Advance Medical Directive and health history to hospital or other medical setting

  • Notify family members and friends and coordinate response, as needed

  • Maintain daily contact as needed in hospital or medical setting to advocate for best care

  • Coordinate post-acute care, such as rehab or home care if necessary

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney

If you need a healthcare agent, we will serve as your legal healthcare power of attorney.  We can also make recommendations for durable (legal and financial) agents or attorneys to be your advocate.